About Us

VIATRANS is a financial holding established in 1987 based in Geneva carrying out commercial and investment activities through its subsidiaries and funds in the sector of Transportation.
VIATRANS is active in providing re-insurance services for the TIR chain of guarantee.

VIATRANS has also been implementing commercial projects with our main stakeholders including national goods transport Associations. These initiatives have the objective to create commercial activities including innovative and forward thinking concepts.

The other activity of VIATRANS includes investment in new business models and digitalization bringing new momentum to the market. VIATRANS is positioned to address these new challenges for the future thanks to its investment capabilities.

VIATRANS invested in 2016 in TRANSFOLLOW a Netherland based company active in digital logistics implementing new standards for the digital consignment note (e-CMR).

To Know more Please send your queries to : contact@viatrans.ch